Our Company

FaithSpan is an advertising agency for churches and ministries. Our specialty is church marketing. We strongly believe in the local Christian church and our commitment is to help these churches impact their communities and congregations for Christ. Accordingly, we work to provide the most effective communications tools at affordable prices. While we understand that local churches have many similar qualities we also recognize that each congregation has a unique personality and character. So we create custom materials that reflect these unique qualities. We believe that the most cost-effective way to accomplish evangelism and discipleship is by creating a unique identity and message that is representative of the organization.

FaithSpan's team of Christian artists and account executives has served hundreds of churches and Christian ministries across the United States. For over ten years our core focus has been to provide churches with the most effective tools and practices available for sharing the Gospel and making disciples.

We believe that developing a creative solution for any church requires that we truly understand their needs and clearly identify their opportunities for them. Whether your church is:
  • Considering a building campaign
  • Experiencing a change in leadership
  • Wanting to communicate more effectively with your congregation
  • Desiring to build awareness in your community
  • Needing to create a more favorable impression in your community
Our experienced team can partner with you to get the results you desire. Our solutions are not one size fits all. Everything we do is custom-designed to fit your particular needs. From brand new church starts with only a handful of members, to mega churches with thousands of members, we have been able to help them reach out to their communities and reach in to their congregations. We work with traditional and contemporary churches from numerous denominations and affiliations.